Welcome to the Fiesta Tacos web site. Fiesta Tacos is a unique catering service specializing in that favorite mexican delicacy, tacos!

Fiesta Tacos features a Mobile Taco Bar that is available for any type of social event. Whether it is a special family gathering, corporate affair or a special social event, Fiesta Tacos can be there to provide a variety of delicious tacos, salsas and side dishes.

The Mobile Taco Bar includes various meat choices such as beef, chicken and shrimp. And for our vegetarian amigos we offer such non-meat choices as grilled vegetables. Each order includes flour, corn or wheat tortillas, Fiesta Tacos's famous salsas (red and green) and the usual sides of shredded lettuce,diced onions,cilantro,cheese,limes and tomatoes.

Fiesta Tacos takes care of all the cooking so you can spend valuable time socializing with friends, family or business associates. Fiesta Tacos! provides affordable full service catering options for every budget!
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